GourmetSpecial Lunch less than 1000yen

  1. Juicy dumplings with wonderful service♪ “Nikujiru Gyoza Saisakusho Danddan Sakaba”

    "Nikujiru Gyoza Saisakusho Dandadan Sakaba (肉汁餃子製作所ダンダダン酒場)" is a newly opened restaurant in Shinjuku SanchomeThis i…

  2. Thai Cuisine “Bangkok Stall KHAOSAN”

    Hello! It's me Matsuo!Today I would like to intr…

  3. Spicy cuisine which you may become addictive “Mouko tanmen Nakamoto”

    "Mouko tanmen Nakamoto" is a Ramen (noodle) restau…

  4. Reasonable Sushi for Lunch “Sakaezushi”

    Hello Everyone! It's me, Matsuo.'Sakaezushi (栄寿司…

  5. Recommended dinner set of “FORST 6”

    FORST6 is a terrace restaurant located along Shinj…

  6. Okonomiyaki at the east exit for lunch “Shinjuku Kotegaeshi”

  7. Great location with greenery “Cafe La Bohéme”

  8. Karami Dokoro Syo

  9. Vietnam Cuisine at Shinjuku 2-chome “Vietnaming”

  10. Thai cuisine “KRUNG TEP”